photo by   Laura Metzler

photo by Laura Metzler

Hello, my name is Kerra Michele.

Being an urban renter isn’t always easy.  The spaces are small, generally plain, and most landlords don’t want you doing anything too, well, permanent in your apartment.  That’s where I come in.

As an interior and event designer in our nation’s capital and a longtime renter (sigh), I’ve developed a knack for small space planning, organization, and budget design ideas that anyone can implement — even homeowners!

This site is dedicated to improving the lifestyle of everyone who’s renting the American Dream. I’ll not only be posting about my own trials and tribulations as I attempt to personalize my humble abode, but I’ll be offering up suggestions to anyone who wants my advice.  I have a few tricks up my sleeve — and I like to think I have some good ideas sometimes — so please let me use your spaces on the site!  Email me submissions/questions/etc. and I know you’ll get some great ideas, whether it be from me or a fellow reader!

I live in Dupont Circle and I very much enjoy both capital letters and exclamation points, which you will likely find if you follow my blog.  I indulge far too often in takeout and reality television but I’ve come to terms with it. While I don’t always act like a lady and have far more passion than is good for me (con), I always tell the truth and say it with gusto (pro).  I hope you like me.