Just because you don't live in The District doesn't mean I can't freshen up your space -- especially your rental space! If you're good at following directions and feel comfortable rolling up your sleeves, then apartMINT is the solution for you.

Here's how it works:

Step 1. Say Hello

Send me a quick note introducing yourself and explain what you'd like to change about your space. I'll respond with a very informative email about the Apartment Envy Concierge design process and pricing. Then we'll chat about your hopes and dreams. I'm sure it will feel like we've been friends for years.

 Step 2. Take Photos + Measurements

After we've decided which rooms will be getting the royal treatment, you'll send me detailed photos of your space from multiple angles, along with measurements of all the things. (Don't worry about getting it right. You're very talented and always do a great job.)

Step 3. Wait patiently

After I receive all your photos and measurements, I'll spend the next 30 days thinking about how to make your space the very best space ever. I'll source all the furniture, fabric, colors, and accessories you need to completely refresh your home. I'll even create a special Pinterest Board just for you! Then I'll email you everything all at once, along with floor plans and instructions on how to implement my design.

Step 4. Make magic happen

Now that you have everything you need to make your space gorgeous, fabulous, and everything nice, roll up those sleeves and get to work! Once you have my plan to follow you'll feel confident that you're doing all the right things. Go at your own pace and enjoy the process! When you're all done just invite everyone you know to come over and admire your work.

(And then you'll tell them all about apartMINT because you're a really good friend.)

For more info on the apartMINT program, just send me a quick little message.