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I bought a rug!

Today I'm veryveryvery busy doing my favorite thing:  SHOPPING! I'm extra excited because I just found a rug I love! Well, I think I love it. I thought I loved a rug last week and another the week before that but decided I didn't love them once they arrived. Did you know that return shipping on an area rug is very expensive?

Anywho, I bought this rug on one of my favorite websites.  Overstock.com is an amazing resource for budget shoppers (and busy people) because they have VERY low prices and shipping is either free or close to it. You have to wade through a lot of stuff to find the gems but, let's be honest, you're just sitting at work reading blogs anyway so you probably have time. The best part is The Scientist doesn't get as nervous when he spies me trolling the furniture section because he knows I can't do as much damage to our checking account as I can on other websites. His favorite thing to say is, "Twenty percent off infinity is still infinity." Thanks, honey. That's helpful.

What do you think of my Ikat wool and silk rug?

I really think I love it. It will add a nice pattern to the floor but the colors aren't bananas. I LOVE the organic, artistic quality of Ikat. And that wool/silk blend will be so dreamy on my toesies (new word).

Once it actually arrives I'll tell you if I still love it. Hopefully I do so The Scientist doesn't get angry at me for returning a third area rug...

{Tricky Trick} Wine + Boots

{Tricky Trick} Wine + Boots

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