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{Before + After} A Freshly Papered Fridge

{Before + After} A Freshly Papered Fridge


Envision the scene:

I'm in Marshall's looking for nothing in particular. I walk up and down every aisle, slowly enough to take it all in but not actually touching anything unless it speaks to me. The aisle ends are overflowing with miscellaneous items, most on clearance. I pass by an aisle end, stop, and come back. Something catches my eye. Wait -- could it be?? It is!!!! GEOMETRIC CONTACT PAPER!!!! I need to buy it. But why do I need to buy it? I think for a moment...

Oh, I know! I can cover my ugly fridge with it!

Fast forward to this past weekend. I'm on the kitchen floor surrounded by contact paper bits and cursing Marshall's for holding the key to my heart. And maybe just cursing in general. BUT! I covered my fridge and it looks pretty neat. Just a few supplies and you can have a cool fridge like this, too.



  • Contact Paper
  • Tape Measure
  • Scissors
  • Box Cutter

I followed the directions on the package and did the fridge in sections, making sure to line up the pattern the best I could. (Note to self: Cell phones don't take the same quality of photo as a camera.)

ProcessAfter about 90 minutes of measuring and mumbling, I took my refrigerator from this:

BEFORETo this!


AFTER 2(Ironic tourist magnet collection not included.)

I'm pretty excited about how it turned out. So much that I might even attempt to cover my 70's trash compactor and 80's dishwasher this weekend! If I do I'll be sure to let you know.

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