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{Inspiration Friday} Library Tables

{Inspiration Friday} Library Tables


Whether or not I paint my dining table, I still need to style the space -- and if there's one thing I love it's a dining table styled as a library table. Since I already use my dining table as my desk, I think it's more than appropriate to consider styling that area as a fancy library space. I went ahead and collected some inspirational images so we're all on the same page (pun intended). 20131017-214204.jpg Um, yeah, so we probably don't even have to look at any more photos because that one is EVERYTHING. But let's do it anyway.

20131017-214212.jpg 20131017-214218.jpg 20131017-214322.jpg 20131017-214352.jpg 20131017-214304.jpg Gorgeous, right? (Psst! There are lots more on my Library Table Pinterest Board!) Now I obviously don't have a huge room filled with windows or bookcases, but I think my little table can get a similar look. The only problem is I don't really have a bunch of extra books laying around...

I have one trillion magazines.

20131017-215240.jpg Therefore I'm gonna need to get this library table look with magazines instead of books.

My magazine hoarding collection consists mainly of design-related titles, and since I'm OCD extremely organized they're in chronological order, in mint condition, and in piles by publication, so I'm pretty sure I can get this library look by using what I have.

I can tell you don't believe me. But look at this!

20131017-220156.jpg Those magazines look so architectural. And sexy! I'm dying over those oversized black pendant shades, too.

And then there's THIS photo:

20131017-214127.jpg It's only a side table, but it's the same style as my dining table with a marble top, styled with a little stack of magazines and a lovely floral arrangement. SOLD.

And now it's time to play dress up with my dining table.

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{Before + After} A Transformed Dining Space

{Before + After} A Transformed Dining Space

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