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Spreads and Designs

Spreads and Designs


YOWZA! The big day has arrived! The Washington Post has given Apartment Envy quite the spread today and I'm so grateful and excited. Jura Koncius also wrote the most wonderful story to go along with it. Thanks so much, Jura!!! If you want to full tour then you MUST check out the online photo gallery. It's everything, even if I do say so myself! wapo1



I have no words. That has literally never happened to me before. All I can say is I'm one lucky ducky. And if any of you have questions about design and decor for any space, big or small, please write in to the Home Front chat today with Jura and me! While I might live in a shoebox, the majority of my clients do not, so any and all questions are welcome!


Also, if you're new to Apartment Envy you might not have noticed, but that header up there is brand spankin' new! A little genius named Eszter Szocs is the brilliant mind behind Visilio Design, a DC-based graphic design company specializing in visual communications for organizations focused on environmental issues. I actually met her through The Scientist! At Visilio, Eszter combines her background as an insanely talented artist, with her expertise in environmental science, policy advising, and graphic design to create high-impact messages through the visualization of information and data.

Basically, her infographics are amaze-ballz and so is she.

Eszter took one look at my little ol' logo and listened for a bit about what I wanted to do with it. Then she told me her idea, which was far better than mine (me = not a graphic designer), and ran with it. The result was a cute, clean, bold, fabulous, and oh-so-very me design... Because anyone who has known me for 5 minutes is aware of my secret love affair with gold spray paint.

If any of you readers out there on the interwebs EVER have a need for a graphic designer's services, I couldn't possibly recommend Eszter enough. I'm so lucky to have connected with her and, actually, so are you! Because you no longer have to look at my sad attempt at a header pre-Eszter. You can thank me later.




{Before + After} Heather's Glam IKEA Makeover

{Before + After} Heather's Glam IKEA Makeover

Free Design Advice on The Washington Post!

Free Design Advice on The Washington Post!