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Apt Envy has a new website!

While I sat at home over the holidays, petting my fur-baby and watching The Scientist try not to die from pneumonia, I decided I would take a break from reality television to make a new website. My new site will now be the home of aptenvy.com and this little blog will live at aptenvyblog.com -- just so there's no confusion. And there's a big fat BLOG button at the top of the new Apt Envy site, just in case anyone gets lost.

The new website will be where I keep my portfolio for interiors and events, and also where you can read more about working with me. I am even including testimonials, just in case you weren't sure you liked me.

BUT! The MOST exciting part of this big announcement is that I'm now offering my design services to non-locals! (YAY!) It's called Apt Envy Concierge and it's pretty awesome. You can read all about it on the new website, but I've also included a tab for it on the blog.

Now that the new site is finished I can get back to posting on the blog, which is all we really care about anyway. See you soon!



{Client Work} Staircase Gallery Wall

{Client Work} Staircase Gallery Wall

The Gift of Time

The Gift of Time