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{Red Light Special} Cut the Cord

{Red Light Special} Cut the Cord

FRIENDS. I have some very exciting news. I'm about to solve your cord problems. No matter how neatly I put my headphones and chargers into my bag, they always end up coming out like this:

photo 1

I then dramatically shake them around and huff loudly, attempting to untangle them. (My therapist says this is a perfectly normal response.)

Well, I finally decided that I didn't need to live my life this way. After all, this is America. And in America... We have gadgets.

Enter Recoil Winders.


In about 3 seconds, my cords suddenly look like this:

photo 2 (1)

UHMAYZING. I know. It's super easy! AND THEY'RE OFFERING A SPECIAL PRICE JUST FOR YOU!!! You get a whopping ***30% OFF*** everything on their website with the code "APTE" -- and they're also offering free shipping for all domestic orders until Monday!

YOU ARE SO VERY WELCOME. I love you, too. (Flowers are unnecessary, but appreciated.)

Why are you still here? Go to www.recoilwinders.com and look at all the fancy things that will change your life. Put your favorites in your virtual cart, then enter your special code (APTE) in the Order Confirmation section of checkout for 30% off. And remember! If you do it before Monday then you also get free shipping. RECOIL WINDERS IS THE MOST GENEROUS COMPANY THERE IS.

Sidebar: Even if you don't think you need these for yourself, you're in denial the holidays are coming up fast and I'm sure you know lots of people who aren't in denial would definitely love to receive a few!

Enjoy! And don't be a jerk! Share this with all your pals so they can end cord chaos, too!

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