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{Inspiration Sunday} Black Bedrooms

{Inspiration Sunday} Black Bedrooms

If you know anything about me, you know I love a cozy black room. I went there with my little kitchen and I'm kind of obsessed with it, so I may or may not have brought black upstairs... Not convinced I'm sane? Please allow me to provide some evidence:

black bedrooms 14.jpg

black bedroom 13.jpg

black bedroom 12.jpg

black bedroom 11.jpg

black bedroom 10.jpg

black bedroom 9.jpg

black bedroom 8.jpg

black bedroom1.jpg

black bedroom 2.jpg

black bedroom 3.jpg

black bedroom 4.jpg

I rest my case. Please come back tomorrow to see how I failed at making a headboard, and check out a sneak peek of my newly painted bedroom!

{How To} Make A Headboard

{How To} Make A Headboard

Apt Envy is on Joss & Main!

Apt Envy is on Joss & Main!